1951 Festival of Britain: Atoms to Patterns

In 1951 Britain needed some cheering up. People were still suffering the effects of WW2, having put up with rationing, austerity and making do for over a decade. It was decided by the government that a national exhibition celebrating British innovation in science, technology and the arts would be the perfect solution to bring people … Continue reading 1951 Festival of Britain: Atoms to Patterns

Assignment 5: Notes & Research

You have two options for this assignment, in which you are required to write a short essay where the overall focus is to select an environment where a textile, textiles or textile qualities plays a key role 1. Select a public or commercial space and focus on a textile that is being used in a … Continue reading Assignment 5: Notes & Research

Pharmacopoeia: Susie Freeman & Dr Liz Lee

I visited the Royal College of General Practitioners to have a look at the exhibition What Once Was Imagined, celebrating 20 years of Pharmacopoeia by textile artist Susie Freeman and GP Liz Lee. It was kind of intimidating walking in as the building is unfamiliar to me and is clearly not a gallery space, I … Continue reading Pharmacopoeia: Susie Freeman & Dr Liz Lee

Mark Dion – Theatre of the Natural World

I visited the Mark Dion exhibition Theatre of the Natural World at the Whitechapel Gallery last year. The above photos are of several different hunting lodge installations, Hunting Blinds (2008), each modelled after an absent hunter. These different hunter character archetypes are portrayed by the items inside their hides - the glutton, his table set for a feast; the … Continue reading Mark Dion – Theatre of the Natural World

Heidi Bucher at Parasol Unit

I visited an exhibition of works by Swiss avant-garde artist Heidi Bucher at the Parasol Unit. Bucher used a lot of textiles in her works, and is particularly known for her large scale "skinnings" or mouldings, in which she explored architecture and the body with a form of sculpture, alongside themes of feminism, the home, … Continue reading Heidi Bucher at Parasol Unit

Textiles: Project 4, Exercise 1

Select a fashion image of your choice and analyse the garment. Model: Akou Diabakhate Photographer: Ally Schmaling This dress is all about volume, the light, sheer, tulle type fabric is gathered and layered over and over to create this huge floating cloud of netting. There is no print or pattern, with a colour as bold and bright … Continue reading Textiles: Project 4, Exercise 1